High School DxD BorN Dub

High School DxD BorN

Genres: action, comedy, romance
Plot Summary: The third season of High School DxD based on the light novel series by Ichiei Ishibumi. It’s following Volumes 5 till 7 in a rearranged order by Ishibumi-sensei himself.

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8 Responses to “High School DxD BorN”

  1. Eric You says:

    i have a story which is set in the year 2067 where humans and monsters live together in peace we see them living in a city called Delphi the main character is a normal 16 year boy named Adam he goes to saint Magdalene academy where he learns about magic and science combined his friends include a troll boy , a angel girl, a sexy female banshee, a male centaur, a demon girl, a dwarf girl, an elf boy, a female dragon girl, a sexy female fairy, a tribal gargoyle girl, a powerful male genie, a cute female ghost, a ghoul girl, a giant athletic girl, a male goblin teacher, a handsome male gnome serves as the school’s gym teacher, a griffin man serves as the bus driver for the school, a sexy mermaid girl is part of the swimming club, a tall male ogre works the school principal, an sexy female orc works as the school nurse. Adam has an adopted vampire father and a werewolf foster mother. we also meet a zombie girl who serves as the school kitchen chef.

  2. Eric You says:

    Adam also has a sexy female witch that acts kind of like a grandmother figure to him and his grandfather is a masked serial killer. the city of Delphi’s mayor is an sexy female pirate the world in 2067 has a constitutional monarchy type system with a beautiful magical princess and an elected prime minister the prime minister of the nation of Southwestern Altair is sexy female alien from a planet called Dunner where humanity discovered other living things back in 2048 and brought all these strange monsters from back with them after a great disastrous flood covered the earth and a huge fireball hit the earth. this started killing off most life on earth but some humans went underground little baby Adam was one of the survivors living in a secret government bunker until discovered by a vampire man, a sexy witch, a masked serial killer, and a female werewolf. other little boys and girls also survived and had no memories of the great disaster decades ago.

  3. Eric You says:

    another story moves forward in time to Adam being 36 years old he now lives with a sexy mummy girl and a invisible exhibitionist daughter who wears nothing but a huge gray sheet he also has a adopted grim reaper like skeleton son. Adam is given the last name Griffin by his adopted parents now happy grandparents. Adam Griffin works as a doctor at Kansans hospital in a future version of the united states he also likes to travel around the world with his family. the Griffin family lives next door to a merman, hunchback old lady, a samurai swordsman, a half goddess half demon named Valkyrie, a ninja robot girl, a physic woman from an Indian Arabian like kingdom, an alien girl named Lucy, a succubus girl who acts as a maid slave who wears nothing but a orange apron and a tight brown rope harness, a snow girl wearing a white kimono, and old witch serves as landlady for the apartment complex.

  4. Eric You says:

    at Kansans hospital we also have a lizard girl as a nurse, an male orc serves as a eye doctor, a female vampire works as a heart surgeon, a slug slime monster girl works as a janitor she is naked expect for a raincoat and a pair of boots, a long necked living umbrella man serves as a security guard, a Medusa snake girl serves as a nurse, a half octopus man works as a orthopedic specialist, a water nymph serves as a nurse, a mermaid works as nurse, a fairy woman works as a nurse, a fox demon girl serves a nurse, a spider girl serves as nurse, a siren girl works in the x ray department, a living thunder and lighting girl serves as a handyman, and a crow girl serves as the director and head doctor for this special clinic.

  5. Eric You says:

    Adam also likes to attend church services at Satinwood new roman Catholic church there a female zombie nun, a cat girl nun, and a old priest live and work. there is a female ghostly nun.

  6. Fuck This says:

    This anime has a terrible storyline…
    Oh wait I forgot the only thing that matters in ecchi
    anime is gigantic tits…
    Well at least this is only a small part of all anime.

  7. Zaz says:

    This anime is better than seven deadly sins ..

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