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The Legend of Zelda

Genres: action, adventure
Plot Summary: Young hero Link travels the world of Hyrule in search of the Spiritual Stones and encounters many friendly faces throughout his journey, including Zelda, the princess of Hyrule. The focus of Link’s courageous quest is to thwart the evil king Ganondorf’s plans to rule Hyrule. But when our hero is absent for seven years Ganondorf has the opportunity to obtain the power of the gods, the Triforce.

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8 Responses to “The Legend of Zelda”

  1. Chaos297 says:

    I have one thing to say about this anime an utter disgrace to the Legend of Zelda series and Ive been playing those games since I first started gaming and this anime is so full of comtent for the veiwers the gamers and the legend of Zelda games Id say it is a blumin crime against both anine and games.
    If you know the director of the animes name I want it for my black list.

    • lil says:

      It’s not an anime its an animation, trying to look like an anime, or something along the sorts, but the animation was made waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the games. The animation was made around when my parents were kids. And im not exaggerating.

  2. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    its not anime. being animated doesnt make it anime. its was made in america. he is to cocky for my taste but if i was him i would be cocky too.

  3. fuck says:

    dumb ass just because its from america doesnt mean its not anime thats the whole reason they call it fucking animation get it fuck head anime animation its the same fuckin thing

    • Sakky says:

      Anime is generally used to describe Japanese animation while american animation is generally referred to as cartoons. Not every animation is an anime and if you look up what the most common definition of anime you will see that.

      Obviously based on your name and the amount of swear words in your post you are clearly a bratty little kid who knows nothing about anime.

      Do some research before commenting kid.

    • black sage12 says:

      you say fuck to much dude learn other words i’m not trying to be mean man.

  4. Arucard says:

    Well, whether you like it or not, this is a product of it’s time, namely the early 90′s (late 80s?). Originally it aired on Fridays on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show instead of the Mario cartoon and believe me, I looked forward to it eagerly. It is hammy, goofy, and has little in common with the games, but it’s what we got, so we loved it.

    The description on this page, however is astoundingly inaccurate, no idea where that came from. I actually thought this would be an anime Zelda I didn’t know about from the images and reading that. This I already own on DVD.

    The description seems to describe the plot of Ocarina of Time instead, which the “abridged” link will bring you to a playthrough of. The actual show had Link and Zelda living in Hyrule Castle attempting to protect the Triforce of Wisdom from Ganon, who regularly plots to steal it. As well as Zelda trying to protect herself from Link, who regularly tries to steal a kiss.

  5. Yin says:

    You guys, the thing we want to know is that if it yay or nay, not if it is anime or no.

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